Tell ’em I Said It.

I am a Kikuyu. My forefathers were freedom fighters.  From them I take only existence. From my tribe, I take nothing. I have made myself what I am. And I would like to think so has everyone else. Without their tribes help.

When our forefathers won independence, they were dedicated to the proposition that that all tribes were equal and important. But now we engage in tribal wars and conflicts, testing whether that tribe is more deserving than the other. We engage in tribal conflicts insulting those who gave their lives that the nation may live in peace and prosperity. We cannot claim to consecrate their graves with our actions.

We have fought and by now should be tired. Our daughters and fathers have perished. We have wounded if not killed our economy and progress. Our image and reputation too. Little children and their mothers have been displaced. They are freezing out in the cold. They have no food, no shelter, and no hope. Others are among the dead.

There has probably been too much talk by men who had no right to speak. Too much influence by men who had no right to influence. Too many misrepresentations have been made and led to misunderstanding between tribes. The misery that is upon us now the influence and doings of a few men who are wary of progress and unity.


No tribe has the sole rights to a region. Own a region? Why not own the air and heavens too? The maker, Allah, God, The Sun, or whoever you perceive him to be, placed us in a country rich enough to provide for us all. But we loose the way often. tribalism and stupidity poison our souls, cover us with hate and lead us to misery and bloodshed. Life can be easier, beautiful and more meaningful if we ceased to live by each others misery.

The way, the only way to end this misery is for all to unite and belong to one nation. The one a nation liberated by our fathers. That we can look at each other like fellow country men and women and not as fellow tribesmen. The ‘tribalists’ and enemies of unity have been around for far too long. But just like this misery, they shall come to pass. We must avoid giving ourselves to them. We must avoid their influence and power over us. They use us. They tell us: what to do, who to like and unite with, who to hate, what to feel. They turn us into pawns. But we will not be like them. We have love for all citizens and peace. We have the power to do away with tribal barriers. We have the power to do away with ethnic hate that strengthen the barriers. We have the power to be one nation. By all means, lets use that power. Lets create a new nation, a reasonable one. A nation that will hold a promise of a secure future. Together we can plan and anticipate a less painful future, as individual tribes, we will can only expect more tension and deeper loneliness. More than progress we need unity.

There need be no trouble. Let all tribes be treated alike. None superior to the other. Let men and women be judged not by their tribes or clans but by their contribution to society. After all we are all brothers and sisters. We have the same realities, same problems, same dreams. Let everyone have a chance to grow. Let everyone feel free, free to travel, free to work anywhere, free to own property wherever he pleases. Let everyone obey the law and submit to penalties.

Let us vow to honour the freedom fighters and those who have perished in the name of conflict. Let us vow that they shall have not died in vain. That Kenya shall have a new birth, and a government of the people, by the people, for the people, all people.

We may have the structure of an unstable, weak and poor country with more expenses than revenues, but together in peace we can achieve progress that will give all citizens happiness. We can achieve victory over ‘tribalists’ and enemies of development and unity. Victory over enemies of our nation, enemies of our people, enemies of the Almighty. The world may little notice our super highways and other third world developments but it will never forget our violence and brutality against each other.

To peace activists,artists, writers, actors, leaders and all hose who strive for peace, “We shall all prevail.”

To all victims of tribal conflicts, “Do not despair, it won’t happen again.”

Soundtrack: Carry On – Avenged Sevenfold


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