BEWARE, Words ahead.

When you narrow it down, there are two kinds of people in the world. Those that say and those that do. Among those who do, there is a rare breed that does by saying. Their words are their actions. 

Their words inspire actions and efforts. Those, whose words cause others to do, achieve or dream. Those, whose words restore or take away hope. Those, whose words put nations at war against each other or those whose words are enough to stop tanks in battlefields.  Those, whose words can cause or end blood shed. Those, whose words have built, developed and brought nations to prosperity. Those, whose words have foundations of nations, institutions and governments built on.  Those, whose words are a storm that brings down governments, businesses, institutions, families and individuals. Such is the power of words; spoken, written or sang. 

Consciously or unconsciously, speakers cause their audience to do and be more than they ever imagined. Speakers can create  a monster which may end up devouring them.

It is the words of men such as martin Luther King that dreams of great nations were built upon. It is the words of men such as Gandhi that nations have found lasting peace and prosperity. Men who we not only quote often but also drive inspiration from.

Mean and unthought-of words have also left their mark in history. Ugly marks.  Wars ,conflict political instabilities have been fanned by reckless utterances. Utterances that have breed hatred and brought about bloodshed and genocides. The land of A Thousand Hills- Rwanda is proof of how venomous words can be if ungoverned. How easy nations can fall into the wrong history books. How bright futures can remain as dreams just because of words.

The pages are now blank awaiting fresh ink, future history and lessons for coming generations.  Politicians and aspiring leaders now have crowds listening looking to be wooed and ‘fired up’. The stakes are high, their words could break or build.  Kenya could either moved forward or return to the trenches it staggered into- drunk from incitement- in 2007. Or we could choose to go down in history as the generation that refused to me moved by incitement. A generation that was able to sift through speeches and utterances of politicians and choose what’s important and what’s not.

In the thick of political campaigns, words will be thrown around. Most empty and few meaningful. Reasoning should be at peak among crowds and audiences.  Its time to decide which history books to fall in, both are open.


Soundtrack: Words – Antony David, Indie Irie

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  1. Edu said:

    Where on earth r You?

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