High school never ends.

It is in high school that people find or loose themselves. Discover bits of who they are and who they can only pretend to be. Boys discover that they will always be boys and learn to pretend to be men. Girls begin to understand that the words, “inner beauty” are only meant to make them feel better when outer beauty is not forthcoming. High school is more than just an academic stage or level.

It is when people begin the slow transformation to become characters they vowed they would never become. You learn that at times getting what you want can be a little difficult and you begin to settle for less. A poisonous habit of going for second options begins to develop. It is in high school that most try out their first cigarette, blunt or beer and conclude that the prohibited fruits are the best tasting.


Public opinions begin to matter and you care more about what other people say or think more than how you feel. Monetary value and materialism slowly creep in and social classes take shape; the haves and they have-nots. People begin to poke their noses into other peoples affairs, out of curiosity or just menace. We start feeding curiosities on who is dating who and who has what. This is probably the origin of gossip columns and tabloids.

Phrases and quotes become harder to live by than it is recite them. Few find God and beliefs are made. Role models are identified and emulated. Celebrities are not only envied but also worshiped. Their posters are precious pieces.

Self respect, confidence and self esteem is lost or gained. Sex begins to make the world go round. Dream, ambitions and plans become more realistic and sensible futures are laid out. Everyone feels like they know everything, you feel so old so wise, so important. Everyone is a potential big wig and possibilities are limitless. Alliances and friendships are made.

Food chains are formed, from the powerful and influential to those who follow crowds and seek to be influenced. You learn your position and role in food chains. Big wigs and low-lifes begin to take their respective places.

It is in high school that almost everyone wants to belong somewhere. Everybody wants to be part of something. So, bubbles are formed bubbles are formed according to who we think we are or who we pretend to be. Bubbles take different shapes, from the cool kids to the lame kids. From the sharp ones to the slow ones. From religious ones to those out to enjoy life. Everybody is consciously or unconsciously is a bubble.

The grouping are sects of sorts and each feels like they are best of so the lot. We join or force ourselves into bubbles, pledge our loyalties and live by the silent rules and expectations. We bend ourselves and fake it till we fit in desired bubbles.

When high school is over, the bubbles don’t burst. Our places in the bubbles are there to last. The bubbles are now extended into the society as social classes. Some are genuine and some pretentious.

As age catches up the bubbles retreat to golf clubs, others in churches, others in bars and drinking dens, others in their rural and ancestral homes.

May be high school is not a stage or phase in peoples lives, may be high school is the life. It seems to go on forever, only without a balding principal and mean cooks. High school characters are extended into the society after when school is over. The seeds sown in high school lasts through all of life seasons. Maybe high school never ends.

 PS: Am sorry I have been having a problem with WordPress hence the delayed posts.  Its back up now, more posts on the way. Different day, same dream.


Soundtrack: High School never ends – Bowling for Soup.

  1. Yungdun said:

    Wow! Dope piece right there,,,
    u excused bout the wordpress breakdowns,
    bin visiting everyday to blank pages staring at me, hope u’v resumed ur weekly postings, we cnt live without em’

    • isincera said:

      Thanks Yungdun,
      Weekly posts are back, thanks for being around.

  2. Edu said:

    Thank You. Nice piece.

  3. Paph said:

    High school piece is great. I love it.

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