Pilgrimage in the Mara.

The road to Maasai Mara is much like the road to heaven. It is long, narrow and bumpy. It seems to go on forever. It seems to test your dedication to get to Maasai Mara. It seems to test how bad you want to get there. Maasai Mara is not for the weak at heart; it is for the deserving.

Maasai Mara gives and takes in equal measure. It gives proof that there exists a supreme and all powerful being who took a moment to create such unrivaled and unimaginable beauty. From the rolling grasslands and open Savannah to magnificent sunrises and sunsets so beautiful that photographs can not do them justice. Maasai Mara could also take away your faith and beliefs in the Supreme being as fast. Belief in a supreme being who rules over the earth, ensures justice and fairness and protects the meek. Beliefs are put to test as young gazelles,elands and zebras grazing are mauled by lions as you watch. Beliefs are taken away when zebras crossing the Mara River -to be with loved ones- have their rear end bitten off by crocodiles that seem invisible in the water. Prayer and faith seem to have no place in the Mara just like fairness and justice.

The sprawling and expansive wilderness seem to remind you of the food chain and your position in it. In the Maasai Mara food chain, you have no position in it. You are only there like the millions from across the world on a pilgrimage of sorts.  No matter your position in other food chains, to the Maasai Mara you are just a number. You can never leave your mark there; you go make lifetime memories and leave. It is pilgrimage because you leave a humbler human being on realizing the untamed energy, power and authority in the wilderness. Pilgrimage because it gives you a sense of rebirth. Pilgrimage because in Maasai Mara, you unconsciously admire simplicity and see the vanity in most modern lifestyles. Pilgrimage because you never forget the sights.

Maasai Mara is exceptional in that it never shuts down when darkness sneaks in. You hardly notice the sun fading away, You only realize its gone. Might be because it fades slowly or because of the view so magnificent you can not look away from. When night falls, prey continue to flee from predators, claws and canines continue to sink in flesh. The hunt continues; it. In the Mara you do not work your way up the food chain. You accept your position and stay on the look out. When your time comes, you go down alone; you do not take others with you. Everybody is disposable and replaceable,only the Mara itself is lasting.

You watch hundreds of thousands of hooves trample on the Earth as they return from Serengeti like an army after battle. They move like a marching fearless band. Even when they are gone, you still see them when you close your eyes, engraved in your memory.

The open grasslands tease with freedom you know you can never have; for your eyes only. Freedom for beasts who can and are willing to crush other beasts on their way. Freedom for beasts whose roar is unchallenged.

You hold on to the memories of the Mara not only because of their beauty but because of their simplicity -simple memories. You hold on to memories because of how magnificent raw,wild and untamed nature is. You hold on to them because you can not wipe them out.


 Soundtrack: Linkin Park – Castle of Glass


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