The girl for you.

Date a girl who quit trying to figure out who she is. A girl who knows who she is and who she is not. A girl who knows her flaws, accepts them and works to improve. A girl who is aware of her capabilities and makes use of them selflessly. Date a girl who is comfortable in her own body and skin. A girl who is at peace in mind and soul. Date a girl who doesn’t struggle to be socially correct and in the process loosing herself. A girl who is not only honest to the world but most importantly herself. A girl who doesn’t worship trends and fashion statements. Rather than follow fads blindly she makes items look trendy. She goes for comfort and decency. Date a girl whose inner peace is not easily washed away by her surroundings. She is happy and has an infectious laughter. A girl who can replace negative chatter with positive thoughts. She realizes that pain may last an hour, a day or even a year but eventually subsides and something else takes its place. She looks at you in the eye when she speaks and her laughter shakes her whole body.

She believes that life is once and lives it up. She believes we are on Earth to have a good time. In the process of having enjoying life doesn’t shorten it. She knows that a good time is more than just flowing alcohol and loud music. A good time to her is not necessarily bought with large sums of money. Date a girl whose heart not only i melt away by presents but also your presence.

Date a girl who realizes that her thoughts are physical and keeps them positive. She decides what she wants, goes for it and protects it. She knows greatness is a choice and she chooses it. She knows the power of thoughts and dreams. Date a girl who protects her dreams and doesn’t let people decide her fate by telling her what to do. She is unrealistic at times because she knows it’s the only way to growth. Even when the odds are stacked against her she finds a way in or out. She has a date with destiny and is not planning on canceling it.

Date a girl who is easy going. She doesn’t always follow strict time-lines. She is out for variety and spice. She tries out new things and experiences. She is not too proud to talk to strangers. She makes new friends of all classes, status and ages. She learns something new everyday and teaches something in return. She gives to get. She is not too condescending to ask or accept correction. Its okay for her to loose arguments. Date a girl who is not too hard on herself, she will not be too hard on you.

Date a girl whose value makes you want you to increase your own. She challenges you forward and leads you at times. Where she knows more than you do, she leads you without making you look like a fool. Date a girl who can cause the biggest departure from who you are when you are with her. Date a girl who you do not struggle to impress. You do not have to paint unreal images to impress her. She understands your failures, flaws and weaknesses because you are human. She doesn’t use them against you because she is wise enough to know it will only break you. She has a tissue for your sorrow, a cheer for your efforts and a dance for your victories.

Date a girl who is not a religious fanatic. She knows the fine line between believer and fanatic. She knows the fine line between religion and sect; the fine line between faith and craziness. She respects other people’s religion, beliefs, superstitions even when they do not make sense. She can sit with a nun or drink with an atheist without judging them for who they are. Even if she doesn’t believe in heaven or religion, she believes that when she is cruel, disrespectful,unjust or a coward, she turns into somebody less worthy, a person who can not respect herself.

Date a girl who doesn’t judge people simply by their appearance. She understands that human beings are complex and labels are inadequate and unfair. She is not easily deceived by money and appearance. She can smell bullshit a mile away. She can tell when an apology is sincere and when its an insult.

Date a girl who knows no fear. She only fears fear itself. Her lack of courage is not out of ignorance but from passion and drive to excel. She can ignore if not silence the demons in her head.

Date a girl who other than the sex of her babies leaves nothing to chance. She plans everything. She thinks ahead. She constantly seeks to be in control of her life and understands how powerless and vulnerable she is without control. She can be firm in decisions and choices.

Date a girl who is keen on living but is also not afraid of demise. Date a girl who is out to make the world a better place because she lives. She does not necessarily want to leave imprints when she is gone but she is more concerned in clearing the way

Most of all date a girl who is a girl.

Soundtrack: Delilah – Tom Jones


  1. Odhiambo said:

    Ditto! I’m sure to get such a girl, the bloke need to be deserving…have qualities to endear her 🙂

    • isincera said:

      I hear they do not come cheap though.

  2. Purity said:

    Now this is a masterpiece. love it. i ‘heart’ the last sentence…………… ‘Most of all date a girl who is a girl’.

  3. Libby said:

    That girl is me……..hehe:).Anyhow this post is spot on & any guy who’s worth his salt ought to read it!!!! Bloody brilliant:)

  4. haha the way I got kicked out at: Date a girl who quit trying to figure out who she is. 🙂

    enjoyed reading!

    • isincera said:

      Its never that serious Ivy. thanks for passing by. I like your work too.

  5. Samurai said:

    Reading through felt like window shopping all over again…you are shown all the good things but you cant have any. Hats off for you if you find one with all the above traits.

    Okay, I know of only, two.. maybe we can start with the brain behind this piece. Nice one!

    • isincera said:

      Thanks Samurai.
      I hear they don’t come cheap though.

  6. Nimu said:

    Isincera..i just read your work and i saw me……….and i will take every word as a compliment….Gracias!!!!

    • You are welcome Nimu. You must be a gem.

  7. Great writing! Reminds me the poem: ‘The world needs men…’ which talks of men and women who can be counted on, who are true to their word… Keep up the good work.

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