Guava Cafe review.

If the devil was human, he would probably be a man. A ruggedly handsome man. His face would probably be a work of art; attractive. Attractive to both sexes (no homo). His eyes would probably hold some mystery. Eyes that would make you want to know more about him. Eyes that would draw you to him; eyes impossible to look away from. He would probably own a fast, shiny and noisy motorbike. Probably a Harley Davidson. it would be dreaded though attractive. Its roar at a distance would cause folks to bolt their doors. It would be more of jamming their doors with everything they can gather.

Other than prayer, the only other way to ensure the Harley Davidson doesn’t stop at your door would be the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Good quality coffee. That would make him ride fast past your door. The devil and coffee do not go together. Coffee gives him a fright. Coffee invites sobriety, alertness and psyche. It causes you to be open-eyed and relieve fatigue. ‘virtues’ the devil doesn’t advocate for.

He would probably stay away from streets with coffee houses. Good coffee houses. Guava café, Nakuru would probably on his of places to avoid. It is at the corner of Watalii Street and Moi Avenue, Nakuru.

The coffee house has a simple but homely setting. A setting that allows for coffee dates, business chats or even lonely individuals out for deep thought and good coffee. A setting that allows you to sit at the verandah under large umbrellas and feel the mild wind blow away your troubles. It has a variety of comfortable furniture. On the walls are a few glorious paintings; works of art. The décor is standard, engaging and not distracting. Dominant colors of the interior are warm and earthly. From inside, the large windows remind you of the town’s beating heart. Makes you want to be part of it. The music is always soft; soft enough for conversations or thoughts. The café’s environment has that cool, calm environment that makes you sit there and think about life and how better it gets with simplicity.

The menu has a variety of interesting stuff, from meals to drinks. The coffee is rich in taste and aroma. It sure does drive the devil away. They have great pastries and unbeatable smoothies. It is ideal for breakfast, lunch or just a snack.

The café has a majority of white customers but the staff does not discriminate. They seem not to notice the disparity of the races. Colour, race or hairstyle are not important, everyone is treated equally. That’s the most outstanding character about them. It is rare to find such in a town keen on tourism. The staff is neat, courteous and professional. The coffee house is open all day till half past Seven at sunset.

There is free wireless internet for customers. The washrooms are in excellent condition. The pricing for most items is fair, and cheaper than most coffee houses in Nakuru.

My only grievance is that they are not open on Saturdays. It is a proper place to ‘hide’ from the devil.


soundtrack: Sokoni mjini : Carol Atemi

  1. Dexxe said:

    I like the way you introduced the cafe with the devil. I actually thought of him on a speedbike like a Ducati or an Aprilia before today. But now I see a Harley would be a much more suitable bike. He can start a motorcycle club called Anarchy MC. He’d be the father of this club and all its members would be called Sons of Anarchy … oh, wait.

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