The plan.

She has it all planned out. She will vie to be a councillor in the next elections. She will do a door to door campaign . She will convince people to vote for her. She will talk to people of all generations. People of all professions. People of all classes. She will not offer them money; she has none anyway. She will only talk to them. Promise them; promises she can keep. She will be sincere to them. Most of them already know her, they can trust her. She will not engage in pointless political rivalry. She will not hire goons to disrupt her rival’s campaigns; she cannot afford it anyway. She will advocate for peaceful elections. She will encourage everyone to exercise their voting rights, even if they do not vote for her. She has it all planned out, how she will win.

She has it planned out ,how after becoming councillor, she will become mayor. She will present herself to fellow councillors and ask for their support. Despite her youthful age , she knows they will see ability in her. Ability to lead. Her ability to bring order. She will convince them that she is worth their support. She will convince them that she has nothing but good intentions for the town. She knows they will make her ‘mayor’.

She has it planned out how as mayor, she will serve her people. She will ensure the council’s funds are no longer misappropriated. She will weed out all negative elements from the town hall; Negative elements who employ ‘ghost workers’. Those who do nothing but arrest and harass hawkers. Those who reap where they did not sow.

She has it all planned, how she will put the town in order . The town will regain it’s lost glory. The town will be clean again. She will ensure garbage collection trucks are available. She will ensure that waste bins are all over town.Under her, those tasked to clean up the town will do their work. She will ensure trees are planted in relevant places and watered. Jobless boys who at times rob people will have something to keep them busy. Cleaning up and maintaining the trees. That will keep them out of trouble.

Ladies who sell tea and snacks shall no longer be harassed by council officers. She will ensure that their work will not be disrupted unnecessarily. She will also ensure that they stick to rules set by the council. Their snacks will be fit for human consumption. They will have to maintain hygiene and the environment. That way, she figures, it will be a win-win situation for all.

She has it planned out, how people will get value for their money. She will ensure that parking is affordable and available. Proper and safe parking spaces.

She will ensure that fees levied from businesses in town are used to improve the town. She will ensure that when it rains, it will not flood. Drainage will be fixed. She will see to it that man holes are sealed. Burst sewers will not mess the town any more. Public washrooms will be well maintained. She will see to it that the fire brigade is effective. Houses will no longer burn to the ground. The fire brigade will be well trained and well equipped. They will always have enough water for emergencies. She will see to it they can rescue people trapped in pits. No more lives will be lost unnecessarily.

She has it planned, how as mayor, she will ensure councillors serve their people. She will see to it that even in the slum areas, roads are passable. There will be street lights to make people feel safe. Water will be available everywhere; even in the slums. Clean water. Schools under the council will be well managed. Hospitals and clinics run by the council will live up to their expectations. The local library will be well equipped. She will see to it that street kids are helped change the course of their lives. They will become who they were really meant to be. She knows it is all possible.

She has it planned out, how she will avail simple social amenities. She will ensure that there are concrete benches in the park where people can sit comfortably. She will see to it that the town hall is available to groups willing to hold constructive meetings. They can have it for free or at a small fee. The market will be expanded to allow more businesses. It will be open for more hours. Its hygiene will be maintained as well.


She will try to manage the town at minimum costs. No funds will be wasted. Unnecessary expenses will not be incurred. Council meetings will be held in the town hall and not hotels. Fuel guzzlers will be sold off. She will see to it that councillors no longer fight amongst themselves but against poverty and other social ills.


She will make sure that no children in her ward drop out of school for lack of resources. Mothers will not deliver at home but in clinics. The youth will have an alternative pass time to drugs. The dump-site will cease being a health hazard.

She will ensure justice prevails. Those who bring down the town will face the law. Those who mess up the environment; encourage vandalism or steal from the council will not be spared. She will reward those who set a good example. She will give them a break from taxes and renew licenses.

Mafia like groups will no longer scare business operators. They will not control streets anymore. They will not use fear to intimidate hard workers. Their time will be over. She has it all planned out , how she will fulfill the promises she made. She will keep her word. She will live up to the title “Her Worship The Mayor”.

She has it all planned out, how she will make the small things count.


sound track:Waiting on the world to change- John Mayer.

  1. Brian said:

    Nice read as usual. I always look forward to finding something posted. My reading friends will know about this blog.

  2. Sounds and reads like a Manifesto . Plot the course, identify the road blocks and detours. Cause the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

  3. she has it planned out. Every week she will have a post, in it she will use words, words that entertain, words that encourage, words that inspire.
    She has it planned out how she will get followers. royal followers. They will bookmark her blog and check in everyday for a new post. She will tell them when she will be posting. They will check on that day and they will not be disapointed. Afew will tap her on the shoulder, most will just nod.

    Keep them comming

    • Nice flow, ‘HE’ posts on wednedays (afternoon)

  4. Libby said:

    Just bookmarked your blog:) I love your writing prowess and i will spread the word faster than the wind……….hehehe.

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