Sisima Coffee House Review

It is in a coffee shop that you look deep into a lady’s eyes and pretend to be interested in whatever she is saying. You pretend that you want to know more about her,what makes her happy. You look deep into her eyes like you can actually see her soul, when all you want to see is her knickers off(or whatever she wears beneath.) you pretend to be a gentleman , pull chairs and ish. You are on your best behavior.You pretend to care about the environment, art and poetry. poetry really? (there is a special place for you near the fire in hell.) I have this buddy, Johnie (yeah I said it) who pretends to have an icebox where his heart used to be, but meet him in a coffee shop giving Joe Thomas (rnb crooner) a run for his money.

Its tricky when next to the coffee house is to a display window for wedding gowns.

Sisima coffee house, on the first floor of spikes center along Kenyatta avenue, Nakuru . Am not sure what Sisima means but if it means quality, they are living up to the meaning.

The setting is unique, open, airy and comfortable. The décor is minimum as it should be. Not distracting. The furniture is comfortable and easy on the eye. There is a variety too. If you prefer a cubicle set up or lounge it is taken of at the left corner. That way lonely guys like me do not get distracted when people begin to eat each others lips.

The reason am attracted to this coffee house other than the hot polite lady who works there is its originality. They do not try to imitate other coffee houses. The service is perfect. Courteous , professional and polite attendants. (they did not pay me to say this.) Orders do not take long and thank God they do not ask you utatumia nini? (it bugs me.)

The coffee is commendable and perfect (though it comes in see through mugs). Even better are their pastries. Safe to say the menu has everything it should have, the way it should be. You can opt for alcoholic cocktails which do not disappoint. FYI: if you are with a lady regulate the quantity before she starts looking approvingly of the gowns.

With the set up and everything the pricing is fair for most things albeit slightly high in some. comes with quality .The music is mellow and allows for conversations if not eaves dropping. The washrooms are in excellent condition.Did I mention the hot lady?

When you can, check it out yourself.(the coffee house not the lady)


  1. Hmmmm…now this I should check out when I’m there…I’m curious; they grind their own coffee beans right there and brew you a cup yes? (I’m a coffee addict)

    • from one coffee addict to another, “it doesn’t get better”.. they brew standard coffee.

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