coming of age

A couple of months back a magazine reported Nakuru to be the fastest growing town in Africa.( hope she is not on junk food). She is coming of age. Again i pray she stays ignorant of Weaves.

As she develops, she attracts new suitors. each hoping to  make the most off her. they all put their best foot forward. Some come with loaded pockets and some with dreams and promises.

For the while i have been around  i have noticed numerous banks , supermarkets, hospitals to Daktari kutoka Tanzania who can bring back lost girlfriends.

It’s all good as long as the suitors are not looking for one nightstands. But as she grows from a girl to a woman, she needs to drop some annoyingly disturbing habits. As  potential mates approach, she needs to style up. Get a night gown and dump the ‘kibaki tosha’ t-shirt she sleeps in. discard the stoking she wraps her hair in when she goes to bed.A shower is not so much to ask. is it?

A habit she particularly  needs to drop has to do with the boys in blue who at times act like they have a carrot up their fanny. It is cruel, rude and unkind to take away an innocent boys dream.Dreams  which motivate him. Dreams inspiring the boy. Killing such dreams take away part of his being.

Some boys grow up with a land-cruiser being their dream ride. Nothing do they wish more than the ride. the beast’s ugliness, strength, stability and speed being  an inspiration. Then for no reason the boy gets an unsolicited free ride in his dream ride courtesy of the boys in blue. messes up his dream. leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. Just like that his dream turns into a nightmare. he no longer wants to ride the beasts.

Most cops in Nakuru are in the business of taking  away boys dreams. its time the moved to other naive towns .Not even using strong words  like ‘New constitution’, ‘unethical’, ‘my rights” or ‘my fathers lawyer’ scares them.  

Another habit she ought to drop is old beat up buildings  right at her heart. dump the old clothes that do not fit and go shopping. she should pray for wider hips too.

 What habits do you think she should drop??


Sound track: Jason mraz — i won’t give up

  1. kenmac said:

    I love your wit…..and this being my first stop, will definitely be hanging around.


  2. She acquired a habit that I don’t like…as she grew bigger, she stopped picking up after herself…now she’s not as clean as she used to be…

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